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Interlibrary and Document Services Available

If the library doesn't hold the material you need for your SDSU research, we will try to get it for you! Please see below for descriptions of all of the document delivery services offered by the library.

SDSU's Imperial Valley Campus Materials (IVC)

Materials held at the SDSU Imperial Valley Campus (IVC) in Calexico, CA are included in our online catalog, the PAC, and are available for immediate ordering directly from the PAC. When you find a record for an IVC book you need in the Library Catalog (the PAC), click on the REQUEST button and follow the prompts to place your order.   Books from the Imperial Valley Campus are delivered here and available for pickup at the main Circulation Desk within 3-5 days.  Loan policies and fines are the same as those for books checked out from the main SDSU collection (see the Borrowing (SDSU) page for current policies).


Circuit is the fastest way to get a book that's not held in the SDSU Library collection.  But only books are available for loan through The Circuit (no journal articles).  This union catalog contains the collections of the libraries of UCSD, USD, CSU San Marcos, San Diego County Libraries, and San Diego Public LIbraries.  Books are generally available for pickup at the Circulation Desk within 1-2 days.  If you find the book you need in Circuit, click on REQUEST THIS ITEM and follow the prompts.  More details can be found on the Circuit Help Page.


If you are looking for a book and can't find that book through SDSU or Circuit, either because we don't own it or it's checked out, you can use WorldCat to locate your book and request it using Interlibrary loan. WorldCat is a catalog that indexes thousands of libraries materials worldwide. It helps you find items you need that are either checked out at SDSU or not owned by SDSU. This video will take you through the steps to check for your book in the catalog, and then search in Circuit and finally search in WorldCat and request the book from WorldCat using interlibrary loan or ILL.

A tutorial for WorldCat can be found here: How to Find Books in WorldCat

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Although not always as fast as the newer, automated services described above, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is able to acquire a much broader range of materials.  When you submit an Interlibrary Loan request, an Interlibrary Loan staff person will perform an in-depth search of thousands of other libraries' catalogs worldwide to find the item you need.   Once the item is located in another library's collection, we'll submit your request in compliance with that library's requirements.  We are able to obtain 92% of all materials requested.  For more details, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

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Steps to find your book:

Step 1--The PAC: Do we have it here?

Step 2-- Circuit: Available in the San Diego Area?

Step 3--WorldCat: Worldwide Search


Step 4--Interlibrary Loan: Let us find it for you


Need a Dissertation?

Step 1-- Does SDSU own a full-text copy?

Step 2-- Interlibrary Loan: Let us find it for you


Have a Citation and Need the Article or Book Chapter?

Step 1-- Does SDSU own a full-text copy? Article or Book Chapter

Step 2-- Interlibrary Loan:  Let us find it for you

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