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Starting fall semester 2015 many 100 level and 200 level textbooks will be available on reserve for checkout for 2 hours. They can be found in Course Reserves under the faculty member’s name, course name/number and a new course called "Textbooks on reserve." If your book is not listed under "Textbooks on reserve", please take a look at the following options to find your textbook in the library:

Check Course Reserves to See if Your Professor Made a Copy of Your Textbook Available

Sometimes professors put a copy of the class textbook on reserve for you at the library’s circulation desk located on the first floor of the Library Addition, under the dome. There are two ways to check to see if your professor placed your textbook on reserve for your class.

You can search Course Reserves for your professor’s name or the course you are taking.

Search the Library’s Catalog for Your Textbook

You can search the library’s catalog by title or author name to search for your textbook.  The library is not likely to have the most recent edition of your textbook as academic libraries in the U.S. typically don't purchase textbooks.

Search Circuit for Your Textbook

If SDSU does not have the book   you need, remember you can check out books from other libraries in San Diego County using the Circuit sharing program.  You will need your Red ID and Library Pin to request a book from Circuit and it typically takes 1-3 days to get to SDSU.  Once your book is here, you can pick it up from the Circulation desk.  Don’t have a library pin or forgotten yours? You can get a pin or change yours here.

Search WorldCat for Your Textbook

If Circuit doesn’t have the book you need, you can also look to borrow the book from WorldCat.  WorldCat is a global catalog of library collections and as SDSU students you are able to borrow from participating WorldCat libraries for free using your interlibrary loan account.  Check out this video on how to find and request a book in WorldCat.

Other Options for Getting Your Textbook

Remember, the SDSU bookstore sells textbooks and has options for renting copies of textbooks to students.  You can also buy electronic copies of textbooks through the SDSU bookstore. Contact the bookstore for more information.

Written By: Brittany Geissinger and Linda Salem, Questions?

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