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Mar 6 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Introducing KNIT: An academic digital commons for website building, networking, teaching, and public research projects

Digital publishing and networking are increasingly important skills for the 21st century academic, enabling students and researchers to collaboratively produce and disseminate knowledge in powerful new ways. This workshop will introduce KNIT, an academic digital commons for San Diego, that provides networking, website building, discussion groups, and other digital tools for fostering academic collaboration, critical digital literacy, and public engagement. Founded at UC San Diego using the open source software Commons in a Box, KNIT currently has more than 1,700 members at UC San Diego, San Diego State University, San Diego City College, Miramar College, and Mesa College. The first half of this workshop will give an overview of exciting forms of networked research and teaching practices on KNIT and in academics more broadly and consider the ethical issues involved in using different tools. We will also discuss how KNIT is being used to foster community and public engagement across San Diego’s diverse institutions of higher education. The second half of this workshop will walk participants through building their own personal WordPress website on KNIT and also guide participants through the platform’s other digital features. The workshop will end with a discussion of additional desired features and community practices that would help strengthen our local academic communities. Participants should bring their laptop to participate in the hands-on part of the workshop.

Digital Humanities Center - LA 61 (Bottom of Library Dome)

This event is part of the DH Tools and Research and Development Tracks in the Digital Humanities Center. We’ll get hands-on with programs while learning, developing research, and collaborating. For other tracks and events, visit our Events and Activities page.

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