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build it entrance

A student-run makerspace designed to foster creativity and innovation by providing an infrastructure for the DIY learning of technology, build IT assists anyone in their mission of bringing their ideas to life.

Digital Humanities Center
Home of the SDSU's interdisciplinary Digital Humanities Initiative, which takes a critical stance towards digital technology and focuses its work on equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice
Special Collections Entrance
Discover rare and valuable books, periodicals, manuscripts, and documents which require preservation, security, and care in handling

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Library Dome and Manchester Hall


The SDSU Library consists of two buildings: Malcolm A. Love building and the Library Addition.
sdsu imperial valley library
The SDSU Imperial Valley Library is located in Calexico, California, along the Mexican border.

Campus Partners in the Library

Library Addition 2203

The Esports Engagement Center is a joint initiative of the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity, the Division of Information Technology, and the University Library to provide a space for the delivery of a holistic program centered on esports as a medium for curricular and co-curricular learning, student success, advising, health and well-being, career development, and scholarly research.

Love Library 261

The Financial Markets Lab will facilitate both small and large-scale student projects that are central to many courses across a wide array of disciplines both in the College of Business and elsewhere in the University. Access to real-time data enables faculty to tailor their course offerings more directly to practical career needs.

Equipped with 12 Bloomberg Terminals, a stock market ticker display, and the latest classroom technology. With generous financial support and gifts provided by Stephen & Marjorie Cushman, the Financial Markets Lab was inaugurated on September 21, 2012.

Love Library 182

The Latinx Resource Center supports students of Latin American descent throughout their journey at SDSU to succeed and thrive academically, socially, and holistically. We are rooted in Latinx culture, with commitments to intersectionality, equity, and social and racial justice. 

We cultivate a culturally affirming, inclusive, and welcoming space where Latinx students can show up authentically, be heard in the fullness of their voices, and be seen for the complexity of their diverse experiences.

Love Library 328

The Math & Stats Learning Center provides a central location for free, on-demand tutoring for students from lower division mathematics, statistics, and science courses.

Love Library 462A

Supplemental Instruction targets historically difficult courses and offers free sessions to all students on a voluntary basis. Sessions are facilitated by students who were previously successful in the course, known as SI Leaders. These sessions are collaborative and integrate course content and study skills with information gathered from attending all of the class lectures to help students engage in active learning. Active learning in SI Sessions may include memory games, journaling, or diagramming on the board. Please view this video to get a better idea of SI at SDSU.

Library Addition 1103

The SDSU Writing Center promotes student success with writing across the university.

The Center works with undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to develop and extend their knowledge and performance of academic literacies through coaching from tutors who engage them in conversations about their writing and broaden their understanding of audience, genre, language, and context.

The Center also works with faculty to promote success in writing instruction and to support the teaching of writing across the university. The Center conducts research into writing, which informs our work with tutoring as well as our understanding of the teaching of writing on campus.

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