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About Our Spaces

The DH Center is a flexible, reconfigurable space designed to support a range of uses, including public lectures, workshops, instruction, networking, and project-based work. If you're interested in co-hosting an event, please review our usage policy before making your request.

Review Our Usage Request Policy

We also host a range of studios to support critical digital inquiry. Studios are open to all SDSU faculty, staff, and students between 10am and 4pm Monday through Friday when classes are in session. See below for descriptions of each space, as well as links to our request systems.

DH Center staff are still available for virtual consultations and DH support. 

DH instruction requests should be sent directly via email to Dr. Pam Lach  ([email protected]).

Book our Studios

The DH Center is home to numerous studios, which can usually be booked during our operating hours (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm). You must be a member of the SDSU community (faculty, staff, student) to use our studios. To inquire about booking times outside of our operating hours, email [email protected]

LA 61G

Our Learning Glass One Button Recording Studio can be reserved for one-hour blocks (if you need more time, you can make multiple appointments). Learn more about the Learning Glass.

Please review this brief tutorial in advance, and make sure to do the following:

  • Bring a USB flash drive formatted for FAT32. You'll need approximately 1 GB per hour of recording
  • Wear a dark shirt


LA 61H & LA 61J

Our One and Done/DIY Podcasting studios are the perfect solution for single or group class podcast assignments.  The studios are great for beginning podcasters and include the following equipment:

  • Blue Yeti USB microphones
  • Foam Pop filters
  • USB to USB C adapter
  • Table-top "whisper room" sound proofing

SDSU community members interesting in using our Podcasting Studio should bring their own laptop, or check out a laptop at the Circulation Desk. Podcasting equipment cannot be checked out or removed from the DH Center.

Users will want to make sure they have enough room on their laptop hard drive or bring an externable drive to save the podcast project file. At least 1 GB per hour of recording will be needed

Need help? Check out these resources or email Patrick Flanigan, DH Center Programs and Operations Specialist.



SDSU faculty members can also book the Faculty Recording Studio run by Instructional Technology Services.

LA 61L

Our Multitrack Collaborative Podcasting studio is a great resource for seasoned podcasters and for making ongoing podcasts.  The studio includes the following equipment:

  • Rodecaster Pro Podcasting mixer
  • 4 Shure SM7B microphones
  • Channels available on mixer for communicating and recording with individuals face to face and remotely via Bluetooth, Headphone line in, and USB (Zoom)
  • Wrap around headphones for studio guests
  • Digital display for podcast editing and post production instruction
  • Mac Studio 

You'll need approximately 10 GB per hour or recording so bring a device that can receive the transfer of a file that size


LA 61E

Our Electronic Literature Studio hosts a library of electronic literature, a computer for engaging with older e-lit pieces, recommended readings, and an Atari 2600 console. Specifically, the E-lit Studio includes:

  • Windows 7 PC (No Internet)
  • Atari 2600 and games
  • Oculus Go VR System
  • Library of various types of Electronic Literature
  • Small library of E-Lit related academic texts
  • Digital and Analog Resources for E-Lit Research

Learn more about the history of electronic literature in this interactive timeline created by DH Programs Assistant Jared Zeiders (Spring 2020) and explore our growing set of electronic literature resources. The E-lit Studio is open to all SDSU faculty, staff, and students.



LA 61A

Our new Mind, Body & Spirit Room is a space for individuals of all religious faiths and non-religious beliefs to focus on their mind, body, and spirit, whether in prayer, meditation, or quiet contemplation. This space is available on a first come, first served basis throughout the day, and is only available when DH staff are on site.  The Mind, Body & Spirit Room is not available for reservations.

Please review our guidelines.

A larger Mind, Body & Spirit Room is also available in Love Library 324. For more information, contact The Center for Intercultural Relations in Student Union 250: [email protected], (619) 594-7057.

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