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Meet the Digital Humanities Center staff

Digital Humanities Staff are available for consultations and questions related to digital technologies when the DH Center is open.

DH Center Staff

Dr. Pamella Lach, Digital Humanities Librarian and DH Center Director

Lach Pamella Lach is the Digital Humanities Librarian and member of the “Digital Humanities and Global Diversity” Area of Excellence. Pam’s work explores how new and emerging technologies transform humanistic scholarship and pedagogy. Her areas of interest include data visualization, information retrieval, user experience design, project management, and digital pedagogy. She has a PhD in U.S. Cultural History with an emphasis on gender and film history from UNC, and a MS in Information Science from UNC’s School of Information and Library Science. Pam works with faculty to bring digital technologies into their classrooms, and provides individual consultations about tools and digital methods for faculty, staff, students, and community members.



Tina Lumbis, Digital Humanities Instructional Support Assistant

Tina will complete her MFA in Creative Writing at SDSU this spring. She has been creating electronic literature for the past year, and will use that experience to help grow SDSU's e-lit program. Alongside DH Center Director Pam Lach, Tina develops, implements and assesses ongoing tools, develops and leads workshops, supports formal and informal learning opportunities and participates in DH Center planning, communication and assessment activities. She’s available for one-on-one consultations.



Jocelyn Meléndez, Digital Humanities Assistant

Melendez Jocelyn has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from SDSU, and recently completed her Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences (M.A.L.A.S.) in December 2018. Jocelyn brings to the position an interdisciplinary education, a curiosity about and proficiency with digital technologies, and a deep commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion, all of which will enhance the DH Center’s work. She manages the DH Center’s daily operations, including helping to oversee space usage, activities, and statistics. She is the point person for DH Events, coordinates projects, experiments with new software and hardware, and supports DH-related consultation.



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Location: Library Addition Room 61N (Dome Basement)
Phone: 619-594-8859

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