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Lorena Fontaine Heart Talk Flyer
Feb 23 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Mite Achimowin (Heart Talk): Indigenous Women’s Expressions of Heart Health & Decolonizing Research Methods through Community-Based Digital Storytelling

Lorena Sekwan Fontaine

The heart health of Indigenous peoples is commonly known through a euro-western medical worldview. The understanding of Indigenous knowledge and the impact from historical trauma and current systemic discrimination and racism is often silenced. Dr. Lorena Sekwan Fontaine will present on a community-based based study that uses oral history digital storytelling and learning circles to explore culturally rooted knowledge of heart care among Indigenous women in Canada.

Dr. Fontaine is Associate Professor Human Rights at the University of Winnipeg and SDSU Fulbright Scholar in American Indian Studies. Co-sponsored by the Department of American Indian Studies.

Register at https://teachdh.sdsu.edu/programming/ for Zoom link.


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