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Graduating this spring and want to know how you can continue to access library materials when you are no longer enrolled? 

As an alum you can come to the library and either sign up as a community user for free to use community computers for 2 hours a day to access electronic resources, or you can bring in your laptop and access those resources when in the library using the library’s free Wi-Fi.

If you are no longer a student enrolled at SDSU, some of your access to SDSU resources becomes limited.  Licensing agreements and restrictions the library has with electronic databases, make it impossible for the SDSU library to offer off-campus access to these proprietary electronic resources.  

We recommend you access electronic materials at home by using the rich resources offered by public libraries.  The San Diego City Public Library and San Diego County Public Library each offer a number of electronic  resources  you can access from home.  Simply get a free public library card for either or both of these library systems and use these library cards to get off-site access to valuable databases, even some that SDSU does not offer. Check out the following links to get a card and see what each library has to offer.

City Public Library Card Information
San Diego County Public Library Card Information

You can also borrow books that SDSU owns through the Circuit system, which allows users to request books from SDSU through their public library account and those books get delivered to their local branch free of charge.  If you have a card from the city or county library, you can take advantage of this sharing program and borrow items for free from SDSU.

Alternatively, you can become a lifetime member of the Alumni Association and check out books from SDSU directly.  More information for Alumni and Community Users and purchasing an alumni card.

As SDSU alumni you are important to the campus and to the library. We hope you will take advantage of the resource sharing programs that in which SDSU participates with the local public libraries to continue to  access the information you need.  From all of us at the library, congratulations on your graduation, good luck in the future and please come back and see us soon!

Questions? eref@sdsu.edu