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Book a Research Consultation for General Research

Your General Research librarian's are:

Laurel Bliss [More Info]
Fine Arts Librarian; Head of Resource Sharing
(619) 594-4446
Contact Laurel directly to arrange a consultation.

Erika Esquivel [More Info]
Chicana/o Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, and Latin American Studies Librarian
(619) 594-3317
Contact Erika directly to arrange a consultation.

Keven Jeffery [More Info]
Interim Head of Research, Instruction & Outreach,
Digital Technologies Librarian
(619) 594-3405
See Keven's availability:

Kate Holvoet [More Info]
Electronic Resources Librarian & Assistant Head of Content Organization and Management
(619) 594-1530
See Kate's availability:

Margaret Henderson [More Info]
Health Sciences Librarian
(619) 594-0996
See Margaret's availability:

Ashley Wilson [More Info]
Social Sciences Librarian
(619) 594-0211
See Ashley's availability:

Carolyn Baber [More Info]
Emeritus Librarian
(619) 594-6990
See Carolyn's availability: