Important: Security Vulnerability for SPSS

Due to the Apache Log4j2 vulnerability, please uninstall versions of SPSS prior to version 28 and install version Follow the Re-download SPSS steps below.

Re-download SPSS

  1. If you are trying to re-download SPSS from OnTheHub, please make sure you are doing it from the Accounts/Orders section, if you try to repurchase you will get an error.
  2. To download again, go back to https://onthehub.sdsu.edu/ and log in with your SDSUid and password.
  3. Once logged in use the arrow next to your name in the top right corner to go to Your Account/Orders.
  4. Click View Details for your SPSS order. There you will find the authorization code, installation instructions, and a link to download the software.

SPSS Installation Steps

Note, you must have administrative rights on your computer to install or upgrade the SPSS software. If you do not have sufficient permissions to install software on your computer, contact your site IT support.

  1. Double-click the file that you downloaded and extract all the files to some location on your computer.
  2. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the location where you extracted the files.
  3. Right-click SS_Client_xx-BIT.exe and choose Run as Administrator. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. During software installation, you will be prompted for the following information:
    • Name: Your Name Here
    • Organization: SDSU / Your Department Here

First Time Installs: How to Download IBM SPSS

IBM SPSS is licensed for SDSU student, faculty, and staff use on SDSU computers, Foundation computers, or a personal computer. This software is for individual use only and not to be shared.

  1. Go to the OnTheHub web store: https://onthehub.sdsu.edu
  2. Sign in with your SDSUid
  3. Click SPSS tab, select IBM SPSS Statistics 28, choose a Platform (Mac or Windows), then click Add to Cart
    SPSS download steps: select SPSS, then IBM SPSS Statistics, choose platform, add to cart, check out.
  4. Click the Check Out button.
  5. Next you will see details for downloading the software. Be sure to copy your authorization code and review the installation instructions. When you're ready, click the Download button:
    Click Download button

SPSS Support and Troubleshooting

Installation Help

If you are having problems installing SPSS, please contact the Webstore support directly via email, phone, or chat:

  • Webstore link: Click the Contact Us tab (bottom of the webstore page)
  • Phone: Call 1-888-396-1447 or 1-866-435-4722
  • Email: [email protected]

Software Help

If you have problems with using the SPSS software you can call IBM at 1-800-426-7378.

If you have general questions or require additional IT support, please visit the Find Help page.