Transcending Borders: The SDSU Library Strategic Plan, 2022–2025

Strategic Priorities, Initiatives, and Goals

Strategic Priorities, Initiatives, and Goals

The San Diego State University strategic plan identifies 5 priorities that include initiatives and goals to which the University Library may contribute in distinctive ways. The library-wide initiatives and goals included in this plan are designed to complement, extend the reach, and enhance the impact of university-wide efforts while also recognizing the opportunities and challenges characteristic of the evolving environment for library collections and services emerging in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the initiatives described in these pages, there is a small number of larger themes around which much of our investment of time and resources will revolve:

  • Building research collections and services that support the university’s expanding research portfolio and graduate education programs;
  • Establishing a consistent and collaborative model for library services across academic program sites;
  • Contributing to international initiatives and global education programs; and,
  • Serving as an essential provider and resource for information literacy instruction and assessment of the impact of library services on student success.

The Library Strategic Plan is meant to be a “living document” that allows us to prioritize existing efforts or to identify new opportunities for impact based on continuous engagement with library stakeholders and university leadership. The goals and initiatives enumerated above will be regularly reviewed for progress, necessary additional resources, and opportunities for revision in light of changes in the library, SDSU, or CSU environments.