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Circuit and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are available for:

  • Current SDSU students
  • Current and retired SDSU faculty and staff

Types of Materials

A variety of materials, including articles, books, and audiovisual, may be requested via Interlibrary Loan provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The item must be needed for SDSU research or course work.
  • The item must not be owned by the SDSU Library (but it's OK to order books that are currently checked out).

Turnaround Times, Request Limits, and Loan Periods

Service Material Types Turnaround Time Limits Loan Period




books and audio/visual material


3-4 days


8 books/time


60 days for most loans / no renewals

30 days for most auido/visual materials / no renewals

Circuit books only 1-2 days 20 books/time 28 days /  2 renewal
Interlibrary Loan any material depends on material  no limit depends on lending library / 1 renewal for most loans


To renew ILL items, please log into your ILL Account, then click on Checked Out Items, find the corresponding Transaction Number, click on it, and above towards the left upper corner, if the item is renewable, there will be a link that says Renew Request in red.  If the item isn't renewable there won't be a Renew Request link.  Just so you know, after you renew an item, the lending library may deny the renewal request.  You will receive an email informing you of the lending library's decision.  If the item is already overdue, you cannot renew it.  

Notification and Status of Requests


You'll be notified by email when loans are available for pickup at the Circulation Desk and you will receive an email when an article is posted on the web via your ILL Account.  On rare occasions some articles may be delivered to your home or campus address on file in your ILL Account.

Status of Requests

The current status of all requests is available after submission by logging into your ILL Account.  The status of CSU+ and Circuit requests are linked to your Library Account..

New Email? New ILL Password?


If you have a new email, please log into your ILL Account and change it.


Use the "Can't access your account?" link found below the "Sign in" button on the SDSUid login page :

Delivery and/or Pickup of Materials


are delivered to you electronically.  On rare occasions, articles are mailed to your home or campus address on file in your ILL Account. If you receive an email that your article has been posted to the web, please log into your ILL Account and click on Electronically Received Articles.


are held for pickup at the Circulation Desk.  Your SDSU Red ID card will be required for checkout.


You pay for all library services through your tuition fees. 

Returning Materials

  • Return all items directly to the Circulation Desk on or before the due date.
  • Please do not remove the identifying strap from the book cover.
  • Please do not return other libraries' books in a book drop.  Book drops are not emptied on a daily basis.

Overdues and Billing

In order to maintain good relationships with other libraries, it is very important that material we borrow from other libraries be returned on time.  Most loans can be renewed (before the due date) by logging into your ILL Account and clicking on Checked Out Items.  To renew Circuit books, please log into your Library Account.  Fines for loans borrowed from other libraries are as follows:

Document Delivery Service Fine


CSU+ materials


There are no overdue fines

If a loan hasn't been returned there is a $90 fee

Circuit books $1/day + $15 billing fee
Interlibrary Loan materials

There are no overdue fines

If a loan hasn't been returned there is a $98 fee, plus $15

Interlibrary Loan Contact Info

Have a question? Email for answers or ask a librarian.  For Circuit questions or info, please email the Circ Desk at

Contact Us

Circulation Contact

Location: Library Addition, 1st Floor
Phone: 619.594.6793

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