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The University Library currently offers five Library Awards of $250 at the SDSU Student Symposium for oral or poster presentations. Awards will go to the best projects using library resources and collections, including, but not limited to printed resources, databases, primary resources, and materials in all media.


  • Brianna Pham (College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts), "Why Aren’t There Enough Female Asian American Healthcare Professionals? Navigating Gendered and Racialized Discourses of Leadership"
  • Valentina Rodriguez (College of Sciences), "HCC organoid model in the Latino population"
  • Rohan Rahatgaonkar (College of Sciences), "Kinematics of high resolution VLT/MUSE spectroscopic sample of nearby galaxies through 3-D tilted ring modeling."
  • Kendal Ruffin (College of Sciences), "Impact of Health Disparities and Prostate Cancer Among African American Men"
  • Nicolas Gutierrez III (College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts), "No Person Shall Willfully Resist, Delay, or Obstruct: The Criminalization of Activists and Organizers Resisting Homeless Encampment Sweeps"


  • Emma Tsztoo (College of Sciences), "Employee Experience with Digital Transformation: From Culture Readiness to Active Participation"
  • Jacqueline Erdkamp (College of Health and Human Services), "Effects of Exercise Intensity on Cardiometabolic Health in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI): a Systematic Review"
  • Samantha Rae (College of Sciences),"The Association Between Economic Stress and Episodic Memory"
  • Christine Jacobites (College of Arts and Letters), "The World’s First Attempt at Monotheism? A Closer Look at Akhenaten’s Religious Reforms"


  • Christopher Nguyen, "How do Vietnamese-speaking children acquire English grammar?"
  • Jenny O'Connor, "Stroop Effect Highlights Deficits in Cognitive Control in Binge Drinkers"
  • Jessica Pereira, "Syndemic on São Vicente Island: Tracking the Dengue Fever and SARS-CoV-2 Co-Outbreaks"
  • Victoria Telles, "Cultural Adaptations of Interventions to Improve Obesity-related Health Outcomes among Latino Youth: A Systematic Literature Review"
  • Marisa Torres-Ruiz, "Faces and Places of Research: Factors that Influence Participant Engagement in Research Among Latinx Communities"  


  • Michelle Harrison, (Speech Language and Hearing Sciences), "Is Reading Attitude related to Oral Reading ability in Monolingual Vietnamese Speaking Children?"
  • Alec Whitson, (History), "Yesterday's Brew: Beer and Society in San Diego, 1860 - 1920"
  • Victoria A. Davis, (Psychology), "Cultural Factors the Influence African American/Black Women's Adherence to Breast Cancer Treatments: A Review of the Literature"
  • Albert Contreras Jr, (History), "Edna and Lois: A Look at the Lives, Times, and Writings of a Mother and Daughter in National City."


  • Sara Fakhoury (History), “Jewish Immigrant Children in 20th-century America:  Dangling between Two Worlds.”
  • John Gove (History), “Activism on the DL: The Gay Liberation Front at SDSU.”
  • Brittany Prince (Health Management and Policy), “The Quality of Care Delivery for Patients Living With Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) Who Are Diagnosed With Cancer: a Systematic Review.”
  • Tyler Linvill (Public Health and Latin American Studies), “Rompiendo Fronteras: A Qualitative Investigation of Mentors and Gang-Involved Youth in Cali, Colombia.”
  • Amanda Farr (Public Health), “Use of Community Based Participatory Research among Queer Adolescents.”


  • Nicholas Parker, "We Shall Overcome: The Fight for African-American Equality in 1960's San Diego."
  • S.L. Kay, "Whose Jerusalem: The evolution of a religious city into a political hot topic."
  • Tiffany Duong, "A Nucleophilic Atroposelective Kinetic Resolution of Selective Pyrrolopyrimidine Kinase Inhibitors."
  • Leah Hails, "Transitioning Subsistence Patterns, Meat Preservation and the Nate Harrison Site."
  • Polly Card, "Men of Colour at Community College: Using Film Based Ethnographies to Visualise Student Experiences."


  • Andrea Alvarado,"The GenX Files: The Search for Masculinity in 1990s America."
  • Anni Perheentupa Mackey,  "The Story Seems to Wear the Stamp of Truth: Verisimilitude, Science Fiction, and H. Rider Haggard's She."
  • Sim Quinzon, "Specific Purpose English Communication System for Seniors: A Follow-Up Study with Native Speakers of Somali."
  • Dechao Zhu,  "Structural Bioinformatic Analysis of Phage Capsid Proteins as Environmental Indicator."


  • Angela Risi, English/ Psychology, "The Politics of ‘Representation’ In Underground Queer Comics"
  • Beau Bennett, History, “Guttural German”: Herbert Marcuse, the Media, and Student Radicalism in San Diego During the 1960s
  • Patricia Fernandez, Educational Leadership, "Dual Language Immersion Program Equity and Access: Is there equity for all students?"
  • Christopher Czarnecki, Psychology, "Effects of Meditative Breathing on Cognition"


  • Kristine Taniguchi, "Regional impacts of urbanization on stream channel geometry: Importance of watershed size and channel particle size"
  • Mengxi Tian, "Immune Mechanisms and Racial Disparities in Colon Cancer"
  • Marley A Hilleger, "Investigating Phage-encoded blaCTX-M1 in Influent and Effluent Samples from Wastewater Treatment Plants"
  • Whitney C Oleman, "The Effects of Ambient Sounds vs. Lyrical Music on Attention"


  • Suzanne Genshock, History, "The Transmission of Contraceptive Knowledge from Greece and Rome to the Islamic World and Back Again"
  • Erin Whitford, Women's Studies, "Gay Rights and the Fight for Mental Acuity"
  • Michael Lancaster, History, "Love Thy Neighbor: A History of Tolerance, Acceptance, and Celebration of Homosexuality within the Christian Tradition"
  • Christy Thornton, Public Health, "Using Imagery to Increase and Maintain Self-Efficacy during a Weight-loss Intervention"


  • Kayli Dalton, Exercise Physiology & Nutritional Sciences, "Testing the Role of Physical Acceptance in the Exercise and Self-Esteem Model in College Students"
  • Laura Frutos, Psychology, "Is X-ray Florescence Imaging, a Valid Measure in Examining Differences in the Metal Concentrations of Postmortem and Resected Brain Tissue?"
  • Kristi Hendrickson, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, "You can look but don’t touch: the real-time dynamics between infant visual and haptic behavior"
  • Alyssa Deline, Chemistry, "Synthesis and Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles with Different Capping Agents and Shapes"