New Reference Books

February 8, 2024
New reference books

Librarians have been busy evaluating, selecting, and ordering reference books for the collection, in both print and electronic format. Come check them out for your next research assignment! 

Asian American Culture
Offers comprehensive, in-depth, and accessibly written coverage that addresses a wide variety of Asian American cultural forms such as folk tradition, literature, religion, education, politics, sports, and popular culture.
A cultural encyclopedia of lost cities and civilizations
Arranged alphabetically, the compilation allows both students and general readers easy access to detailed entries on specific lost cities and civilizations. Throughout the geographically and chronologically diverse entries, such themes as colonization, migration, and especially climate change are developed and analyzed.
The dissertation-to-book workbook
Provides a series of manageable, concrete steps with exercises to help you revise your academic manuscript into publishable book form.
The fight against book bans
Captures the views of dozens of librarians and library science professors regarding the recent flood of book challenges across the United States, gathered in a comprehensive analysis of their impact and significance. It also serves as a guide to responding to challenges.
Guns in American society
Provides an authoritative and objective survey of the history and current state of all gun-related issues and areas of debate in the United States.
Latino literature
Introduces the key figures and genres central to Latino literature, covering the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Detailed historical and cultural accounts of Latino diasporas also enrich readers' understandings of the writings that have and continue to be influenced by changes in cultural geography.
Modern African conflicts
An essential resource for students or general readers interested in post-colonial Africa, this encyclopedia provides coverage of different regions, countries, wars, battles, factions, leaders, and foreign powers.
The Oxford handbook of comparative environmental politics
Addresses a range of environmental issues facing communities, non-state actors, and nation-states. It draws not only on the disciplinary study of politics and policy, but is enriched by interdisciplinary insights from anthropology, geography, sociology, law, and development studies. 
The Palgrave handbook of disability and communication
Covers a broad spectrum of topics related to how we perceive and understand disability and the language, constructs, constraints and communication behavior that shape disability discourse within society.
The Routledge handbook of the Northern Ireland conflict and peace
An ambitious, expansive, interdisciplinary engagement with the North of Ireland through society, conflict and peace from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches. 
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