The Library and Student Affairs Partner to Establish New Spaces

October 24, 2023
Single use study room
San Diego State University Library now offers reserved single-use rooms as private spaces for virtual classes or appointments.

“I have a telehealth appointment, is there somewhere private I can use to take it?”

“I have a job interview – where can I go so that I won’t be distracted and do my best?” 

“I have a presentation for a class on Zoom and I’d rather not be out in the open. Is there somewhere more private I can go?” 

The SDSU Library has heard these questions over the past year and the answer is now, “Yes, we have just the place!” 

Tucked away on the fourth floor of Love Library are several single-use study rooms. These rooms can be reserved on the library’s website so that anyone with an SDSU ID (students, faculty, or staff) can be sure to have them when they are needed. Doors have locks for privacy and the keys are checked out from the circulation desk. 

Over the past year, students have let staff and librarians know that they needed safe and secure spaces to complete certain types of classes, conduct a job interview, or meet with a health professional. Librarian Jenny Wong-Welch led the library’s collaboration with Student Affairs to find the best way to meet these new needs.

Counseling and Psychological Services Director Jennifer Rikard echoed the need for convenient and private spaces for students to participate in telehealth sessions,  “For our students, the telehealth platform has opened options for care for mental and physical health, easing barriers. We are thrilled that the library is supporting students' need for private space to engage in these appointments that are critical to enhancing their well-being.” 

The use of telehealth medical and counseling sessions increased dramatically during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual delivery of healthcare services is expected to continue. It is understandable that students are reluctant to participate in virtual services in a crowded room in the residence halls or apartment. A private space in the middle of campus also increases the student’s flexibility for these appointments.

The library currently has four rooms available and they are already in heavy use. If the volume of reservations continues, more rooms are expected to be added. Currently, students are expected to have their own internet-enabled devices, but making devices available for check-out is being explored. 

Do you need a space for a telehealth appointment, job interview, or virtual appointment? Visit the library website to reserve your single-use room space. 

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