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The Department of Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) houses rare, fine, unique, and valuable books, periodicals, manuscripts, and documents which require preservation, security and care in handling. Other valuable historical items such as photographs, prints, postcards, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and oral histories are also held in Special Collections. University Archives holds materials which document the history of San Diego State since its founding as a Normal School in 1897.
Anna Culbertson
Head of SCUA

Anna Culbertson

Anna Culbertson, MA, MSLIS, is a librarian specializing in rare books and special collections.

She manages SCUA, teaches instruction sessions, provides research assistance, acquires new materials, creates exhibits and curates collections in several areas. Her research interests include the Soviet Union, book and graphic design history, and primary source literacy in the digital Dark Ages.

Location: Love Library 150
Phone: (619) 594-6892
Email: aculbertson AT sdsu DOT edu

Amanda Lanthorne
Assistant Head of SCUA and University Archivist

Amanda Lanthorne

Amanda Lanthorne, MA, MLIS, is the university archivist.

She manages the department's archival collections, provides instruction and reference services, and curates exhibits. Her research interests include social history, memory of political violence, and ethical archival stewardship.

Location: Love Library 147
Phone: (619) 594-4448
Email: alanthorne AT sdsu DOT edu

Erika Esquivel
Latin American and Indigenous Communities Archivist

Erika Esquivel

Erika Esquivel, BA, MSLIS, is a librarian specializing in Latin American and Indigenous-related collections.

She designs outreach projects, provides primary source and archival literacy instruction, and helps to foster community relationships. Her research interests include how white supremacy affects the archival profession, the work experiences of librarians and archivists of color, community archives, examining the politics of collecting, oral histories, and special collections outreach.

Location: Love Library 150
Phone: (619) 594-3317
Email: eesquivel3 AT sdsu DOT edu

Pamela Jackson
Popular Culture Librarian

Pamela Jackson

Pamela Jackson, MA, MLIS, is a librarian specializing in popular culture.

She provides instruction and research assistance, creates exhibits, and is the curator of the Comic Arts Collection. Additionally, Pam serves as the subject librarian for Television, Film, Theatre, New Media. Her research interests include: comics, critical visual literacy, and the impact of popular culture collections on teaching and learning.

Location: Love Library 145
Phone: (619) 594-3809
Email: pamela DOT jackson AT sdsu DOT edu

Adam Burkhart
Processing Archivist

Adam Burkhart

Adam Burkhart is the Processing Archivist

He assists users with finding and using special collections and archives, instructs patrons in archival rules and procedures and how to search library and archives databases.

Location: Love Library 151
Phone: (619) 594-7047
Email: aburkhart AT sdsu DOT edu

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