Library Fines

Overdue Fines

Fines for library material vary by item type. Refer to the chart below for overdue fines for each item type.

Lost SDSU library materials are billed at $115.00 per item or the cost of the item if it exceeds the standard charge. Lost San Diego Circuit books are billed $140.00, For Interlibrary loan books, the charge is $98.00, and lost CSU+ items are billed $105.00. Items returned damaged or with parts missing will be assessed a fee on a case-by-case basis, depending on the item. If you have questions regarding overdue fines inquire at the Circulation Desk when you are checking out the material.

Students may pay library charges on-line through the SDSU Cashier's Office by going to Payments can also be made by mail, or to the 24-hour dropbox located outside the Cashier's Office, Student Services West Building Room 2536. Faculty and Staff may pay lost material charges at the Circulation Desk.d

Fines by Item Type

Item Type Fine
Main Collection Books The University Library does not charge a daily overdue fine, with the exception of the following:
Circuit $1.00 / day
Media Materials $1.00 / day
Course & Media Reserves $1.00 / hour or $1.00 / day
Bound Periodicals $1.00 / day
Reference $1.00 / day
Laptop/Camera 7-Day $15.00 / day
Laptop/Camera 4-Hour $5.00 / hour
Equipment- Hourly $1.00 / hour

Paying Library Fines

For San Diego State Students, overdue fees can be paid 24 hours after library material has been returned. Payment can be made on-line via the Student Financial Services website. Payment may also be made at the Cashier's Office in Student Services West (see campus map.)

For non-matriculating students who do not have an account online at the Financial Services website (Faculty, Staff, Mutual Use Students, College of Extended Study Students, Alumni, and Guests) payments must be made by Cash (Exact Amount) or Check (made out to SDSU Library) at the library circulation desk.

Account Blocks

Your account may be blocked for several reasons, such as overdue items, recalled items or unpaid fees. 

Student fines and fees are managed by student account services. A notice is sent by student account services with the amount owed and a due date for payment. If the fines are not paid by the due date on the notice, Student Account Services adds a $20.00 late fee and places a block that affects class registration, obtaining transcripts, and obtaining your degree. 

Faculty and Staff accounts are managed by the Circulation Desk. Failing to return material or pay the replacement fee can result in a manual block being placed on your account that limits the borrowing of material. Database access can be blocked for egregious abuses. 

Contact the University Library Circulation Desk to resolve a blocked account.

Appealing Library Fines

If you believe the Library has charged you in error or if the charges are due to special circumstances you may file an on-line appeal. Charges may be upheld, reduced or cancelled. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of billing.

To appeal a library fine, please complete the online appeal form, and then submit it to be reviewed. You may also want to print a copy of this page for your records. You will be contacted by email of the appeal decision within 10 business days during normal activity levels.

Library Fine Appeal Form

All decisions are final. Reasons not considered as a basis for waiving fines include:

  • Lack of understanding of Library Policies
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for loaned materials
  • Non-receipt, late receipt, or inattention of notices
  • Left for campus intersession, holidays, or vacation
  • Problem with renewing online
  • Item borrowed by friend, family, or co-worker
  • Item lost or stolen
  • Forgot due date
  • Can not afford the fines/fees
  • Inclement weather

* Please note, accounts submitted to the Cashier's Office for collection cannot be considered for appeal. Paid fines will not be reviewed for appeal.

Please state the reason(s) for your appeal; supporting documentation such as notices, names/signature of library personnel, filed reports, police reports, etc. may be requested before a decision is made. Supporting documentation can be turned into the circulation desk or faxed to 619-594-0742. Please include your Red ID Number on the documentation to reference your appeal.