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Many library faculty have served SDSU with distinction, and have been honored with the rank of  "Emeritus" upon their retirement.  Below is a list of emeritus library faculty, with their years of service in parentheses.

Carolyn Baber (1987-2017)
Bernice Barclay (1962-1986)
Robert Carande (1987-2013)
Lillian Chan (1969-1998)
Kathy Coleman (1973-2002)
Neil Crisley (1973-1990)
Fidelia Dickinson (1966-1990)
Chuck Dintrone (1972-2005)
Robert Fikes (1977-2012)
Joanne Goodwin (1968-1991)
Carol Lea Goyne (1969-2002)
Kati Harkanyi (1969-2003)
Mary Harris (1982-1992)
Marilyn Hall (1999-2014)
Grace Hoover (1956-1981)
Gerald Johns (1967-1986)
Alma Lamb (1962-1988)
Julio Martinez (1973-1992)
Martha McPhail (1988-2010)
Doris Murdock (1960-1972)
Linda Muroi (1985-2020)
Jerry Palsson (1976-2003)
Bill Pease (1973-1992)
Walter Posner (1962-1988)
Cecilia Puerto (1994-2011)
Robert Ray (2006-2020)
Gloria Rogers (1985-2003)
Lee Sandelin (1968-1983)
Don Shira (1958-1986)
Iliana Sonntag (1980-1991)
Julie Su (2001-2021)
Patrick Sullivan (2000-2012)
Anne Turhollow (1982-2013)
Phillip White (1985-2011)
Carole Wilson (1981-2003)