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How to Reset a cPanel Account Password

Please note:

  • RohanCP does not use SDSUid credentials.  
  • The password reset process sends a security code to the contact email address listed for the website under cPanel's Contact Information
  • You must use the same browser session that was used to initiate the password reset request.

Go to this URL:, then click the Reset Password link under the Log in button:

cPanel login page


Enter the website's Username.  Then click the Reset Password button:

Enter your username page


Enter the Contact Email Address, and press the Send Security Code button:

Contact Email Address page


If a valid username and contact email address has been entered, an email should be received shortly with a security code.

  • In the Security Code text box, enter the security code and click Submit.
  • Enter your password in the New Password text box, confirm the password and click Set Password.
  • To log in to your account, click Log In.

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