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Modes of Library Instruction

In-Person Library Instruction

The University Library has two dedicated classrooms for library instruction; (LA 76 & 78). These rooms will allow us to schedule in-person instruction with enough space for 30-40 participants. Both rooms are equipped with computers for students to get hand-ons with the research process as we teach it. Larger classes can be accommodated in LL430 and 431 with 50 laptops. Map of Library

We can also bring in-person library instruction to your normal classroom.

Learning Modules (asynchronous online)

Wampus Cat Research is a series of interactive tutorials and other multimedia resources focusing on information literacy concepts, critical thinking skills, and practical research strategies for using resources available at the SDSU Library and elsewhere. The contents are organized into modules based on their general order in the research process, but the tutorials were designed to stand alone and can be taken separately and in any order. Some tutorials include optional quizzes at the end that allow users to email results to themselves or their instructors. These are also available as Canvas Module that can be added to your Canvas course to report to the gradebook. Content is regularly updated and additional content is being developed. Most recent update: August 2020

Live Online Library Instruction (synchronous online)

The options we offer in-person can also be translated to a live online session. We have adopted some new tools and resources to make live online sessions active and engaging.

Library Instruction Workshops

Some students who are enrolled in online classes live locally and still have access to campus. Many students have indicated that they find it easier to learn when instruction is presented in person. We are offering basic information literacy workshop series based on the five lesson plans that we offer to first year writing students. Library Instruction Workshops are an alternative to library instruction that is scheduled for your class and will be scheduled by the library. We will provide information to you to share with your students.

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