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Library Print Services maintains and repairs the Library's copy machines; microfiche and film printers; and the bill change machines. We are located in the 24/7 Study Area and can be reached at (619) 594-3446.

What We Offer

Machine Usage Help

How to use copiers and SDSU Card machines

Colored Paper

Different colored paper besides white


Transparencies are $.50 for B/W and $0.85 for color


Remakes for bad copies

Poster Printing

See poster sizes and prices


Faxes are $.50 per page. We cannot send faxes internationally. Faxes can be sent to the Print Service Office for pick up. Our fax # is 619-594-8412


Patrons unable to make Print Services office hours may make an appointment by calling (619) 594-0632.

All the copiers require either an SDSUCard or a guest copy card. The cost for a single copy is 10 cents. All copiers have reduction, enlargement, and two-sided capabilities. The color copier, available in the 24/7 Study Area, costs $.35 per side.

Printing Price List


Locations of Copiers

Library Addition    
1st Floor: Research Services 1 black & white copier  
2nd Floor: 24/7 Study Area 1 black & white copier  
2nd Floor: Behind 24/7 Study Area Help Desk 1 black & white copier 1 color copier
Love Library  
1st Floor: Near Chicano Collection 1 black & white copier
2nd Floor: Library Computing Hub 1 black & white copier
4th Floor: Hallway (next to Honors Study Room LL-428) 1 black & white copier
5th Floor: Hallway (southwest corner near elevators) 1 black & white copier

Location of Scanners

The library has book-eye scanners. The book-eye scanners are overhead, allowing the user to easily flip pages. These scanners create PDFs which can be emailed or saved to a flash drive (recommended), and are not connected to computers. There is no charge for scanning at this time.

Library Addition  
1st Floor: Research Services 1 book-eye scanner
4th Floor: Special Collections & University Archives - for duplicating SCUA materials only. 1 book-eye scanner
Love Library  
1st Floor: Near Chicano Collection (coming soon) 1 book-eye scanner
2nd Floor: Student Computing Hub 1 book-eye scanner
3rd Floor: Student study space 1 book-eye scanner
4th Floor: By self-check out and copier 1 book-eye scanner
5th Floor: By the copier 1 book-eye scanner

Using Book Eye Scanners