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Printing Now Available to SDSU Students

Wireless printing on single sided, 8 ½ x 11 paper is now available to SDSU students with an active SDSUid.

How to Print

  • Email your print job as an attachment to lib-printer@sdsu.edu

  • Wait for your confirmation email letting you know your print job is available for pickup.  If you do not receive the confirmation email it means your print job did not go through, check the troubleshooting section and try again.

  • Go to print stations. Print jobs will stay in the queue for up to 4 hours from time sent

  • Look for your email address and select it

  • Select the print jobs you want printed

  • Select the Print These Jobs button

  • Swipe your card to pay (free for standard pages until Dec 18, 2020).

  • Select the Pay & Print button to release your jobs

  • Pick up your jobs from the printer

How to add money to your SDSUcard

  • Your SDSUcard is your print card
  • Add money to your card with a debit or credit card at the Aztec Market, SDSU Bookstore, or online at:  https://get.cbord.com/sdsu/full/login.php
  • Cost for a standard page is 10¢/side and color prints are 35¢/side.



You must attach an acceptable file type
  • PDFs are best. Download Google Docs or Mac Pages files as PDF
  • Image files, Microsoft Word or Excel files are all okay
  • DO NOT attach from Google Drive or other cloud storage options
  • List of Acceptable File Formats
File size limit is 25MB.


Please call the Library Computing Hub at 619-594-3189 to report any printer issues.