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Use the SDSU Proxy Bookmarklet to easily access password-protected resources from off-campus. Simply add this bookmarklet to your list of Bookmarks/Favorites. Visiting the bookmark will allow you to sign into the SDSU network and access any online resource to which the University subscribes.

What the Bookmarklet does:

SDSU subscribes to many online resources such as article databases, journals, books and newspaper archives. In order to access these resources, you must prove that you are affiliated with SDSU.

If you are already on the SDSU campus network, you will be able to access any subscription resource.

If you started your research at the library website and have a Library PIN, you will be able to sign-in and access any subscription resource.

If you are not on the SDSU campus network and did not start researching at the library website, our subscription resources will not recognize you as an SDSU affiliate and you will be asked for a password. The SDSU Proxy Bookmarklet makes it easy for you to tell a subscription resource that you are affiliated with SDSU and get access free of charge.

How to use the bookmarklet:

Simply right click on the bookmarklet link and save it as a favorite (IE) or bookmark (Firefox). Click on this bookmarklet whenever you find yourself at an SDSU subscription resource that requests a password.

Firefox and IE

Right click SDSU Proxy Bookmarklet  and add to favorites/bookmarks

For other browsers (Chrome and Safari)

  1. Copy the code below to your clipboard.
  1. Create a new bookmark in your web browser.
  2. Edit your new bookmark and paste the copied code into the URL (Chrome) or Address (Safari) field.

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