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Home >> Help & Services >> Ask a Librarian >> Room Reservation Request

In an effort to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, we are temporarily not accepting room requests for LL 430 or LL 431. All events currently scheduled in the room have been canceled.

Room reservation is for SDSU faculty and staff only

All other groups should contact SDSU Business Affairs for reservation options. Failure to comply may result in future room requests being denied.

The library does not approve requests for regularly scheduled academic classes or for student organization meetings or events. Requests for weekly, or monthly, meetings from university departments and organizations will be considered on an individual basis. The events that are scheduled are intended for faculty and staff who need the space to conduct a single meeting.

In order to use the room, the requester must read the Library's room reservation guidelines and agree to the bullet points and all italics below.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the room. The Requester or Responsible Party in charge is responsible for enforcing the room reservation policies (PDF).
  • Please leave the room in the same clean condition/furniture configuration in which it was found.
  • Any use of media (such as videotapes or software) in the room must be in full compliance with copyright laws.
  • If you cancel your event, Library Administration should be notified immediately of your cancellation so that the room can become available to others on campus.

Room Reservation Request Form

Please note that the form will not submit without all required information (indicated with an *) Provided.

The Requester will be responsible for cleaning, equipment repair, and/or moving costs unless Responsible Party is named below. Keys will only be issued to the Requester unless Responsible Party is named below. The key must be returned to Library Administration (LA-2250) after the event. If closed, the key can be returned to the Circulation desk.
The Responsible Party assumes all responsibility and liability of Requester.
If your event is a single lecture, or lecture series, you must have a Librarian Subject Specialist partner with your event. If the event is co-sponsored/library partnered you must still indicate the librarian you will be working with.
ex. 01/02/2018
LL430 and LL431 are temporarily unavailable.
Start Time
End Time
Please provide your expected attendance. You will need to send your actual attendance to after your event for CSU-wide statistic purposes.
Do you have additional dates if recurring? Do you need any special equipment (like a PA system)? Are you familiar with Smart Classroom podiums? Do you need additional time for setup or tear down?
Are you familiar with all of the Library-owned equipment and the Smart Classroom podiums?
* Orientation with our technical staff is required for first-time use of all Library-owned equipment and the Smart Classroom podiums. Please call 594-6753 for an appointment at least 48 hrs prior to the event for scheduling of the orientation.
I have read the policies and guidelines and I agree to the conditions set by clicking "Yes". *

You should receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request. If you do not receive an email within a day of your submission, please contact Library Administration at