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Special Collections & University Archives Collection Development Policy
Special Collections and University Archives, San Diego State University Library

Open SCUA Collection Development Policy

University Archives Mission

University Archives is the official repository for institutional records documenting the intellectual, cultural, and administrative history of San Diego State University. We collect, preserve, and make accessible records created by campus colleges and departments, administration, faculty, and student organizations in order to preserve institutional memory and support the teaching and research needs of faculty, staff, and students as well as the larger community.

Records Transfer

Special Collections & University Archives (SCUA) accepts inactive records designated as having historical and/or permanent value according to the CSU Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. It is the responsibility of the transferring department to evaluate its records prior to transfer. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have about the retention schedule. If you have records that need to be kept confidential, please make other storage arrangements as we have limited storage space and can only take materials with documentary or research value. We recommend annual or biannual transfers.

Common transfers:

  • by­laws, minutes, correspondence, annual budgets
  • final reports, policies, committee records, academic program records, self studies
  • special event materials
  • university publications
  • audio visual material
  • memorabilia

Not suitable for transfer:

  • payroll records, purchase orders, receipts, leave requests
  • personnel records (RTP files, evaluations, etc)
  • phone messages, notes, etc.
  • routine correspondence
  • grade books, marked student papers (as per federal privacy laws)
  • active records still being used by your department

Once materials have been transferred to SCUA, they cannot be recalled by the department except at the discretion of the University Archives. Transferred records will be subject to the same conditions of access and use as other special collections materials. Any records deemed out of scope/unsuitable for SCUA will be disposed of or returned accordingly.

Preparing Records for Transfer

  1. Contact SCUA for assistance in planning your transfer. Please do not send records without approval from SCUA staff.
  2. Keep records in original order (the order in which your office kept them).
  3. If possible, please remove any duplicates, financial statements, supply orders, receipts, envelopes, phone messages, notes, etc. If such materials are included, they will be returned to your department or discarded.
  4. Place records into acid­free boxes (no larger than 12”Wx15”Lx10”H). If you do not have any, we would be happy to provide some for you. Place folders vertically into the box without over stuffing. There should be enough room to easily remove and replace a folder. lease remove materials from hanging files or binders and place in clearly labeled folders.
  5. If you are transferring audiovisual material, please contact the Instructional Technology Services (ITS) department first (x45910) to inquire about the digital transfer of at­risk and obsolete formats (VHS, cassette tapes, Betamax, U­matic, etc). SCUA does not ordinarily have funding available for the digital transfer of audiovisual materials.
  6. Create a box-by-box inventory for your records. This will help allow for quick retrieval should you need to consult your records after transfer.
  7. Fill out the Records Transfer Form, and email to arrange for pick­up.
  8. Once we have your records, we will send you an accession number. Please keep this number with your inventory. This will allow for faster retrieval should you need to access your records in the future.

Contact Us

Special Collections & University Archives Contact

Location: SDSU Library & Information Access, Love Library Room 150
Phone: 619.594.6791

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