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Associated Students (AS) is a student directed, non-profit, auxiliary corporation affiliated with SDSU. The primary mission of the AS is to enhance the quality of student life. Their slogan, "Here For You!" captures the mission and spirit of the AS. Some of the highlights of AS' programs and facilities are the Aztec Center, Open Air Theater, Mission Bay Aquatic Center, The Children's Center (daycare program), barber shop, food court, post office, travel service, bank, and a natural foods store. Funding for AS is generated by revenues from the diverse programs and services they manage, as well as through student fees.

Aztec Center Construction Videos

This series of videos documents the construction of the Aztec Center on SDSU’s campus in the 1960’s, culminating in the grand opening of the facility in 1968. The first four videos have no sound.

Aztec Center Construction #1

This video is a compilation of various construction footage of the Aztec Center in 1968

The first video of the series begins with the digging of foundation, pouring of concrete, and setting of the outer walls of the basement level.  A notable few moments in the video (beginning at 13:30) are dedicated to the transplanting of a gigantic tree from offsite, which was moved with a crane and flatbed truck and replanted in the center of the Aztec Center’s inner courtyard area. Plumbing, ductwork, and electrical system installations were also initiated.

Aztec Center Construction #2

This video includes footage of exterior and interior construction on the Aztec Center

This video covers the intensive work on both the interior and exterior of the Aztec Center. Its architectural style emerges as the building begins to take shape. An early landscaping layout is also introduced.

Aztec Center Construction #3

This video includes the installation of interior features of the Aztec Center.

This video covers the installation of the interior features of the Aztec Center, such as the bowling alley, barber shop, auditorium, as well as the installation of the flooring and carpet. The unveiling of the newly built Aztec Center in 1968 is accompanied with footage of tours and a reception. The video also includes various events, concerts, and speakers, highlighting the popularity of the Aztec Center and its role as a focal point in campus life.

Mission Bay Aquatic Center (MBAC)

This video promotes the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, an SDSU affiliate.

This short video is a promotion for an SDSU affiliate, the Mission Bay Aquatic Center (MBAC). The footage primarily features sailing activity with some pool activity towards the end of the video. 

Aztec Center Expansion Project – FINAL

This video is a promotional video that showcases the expansion of the Aztec Center.

The last video in this series is a promotional video created by student organizations on campus regarding the expansion of the Aztec Center. Produced in 2002 when the student census reached 34,000, the video urges fellow students to support the project due to the growth of the student census beyond the Aztec Center’s original accommodation capacity of 18,000 students. Proposed facility improvements include those regarding housing services, food services, student office space, student employment, technology, and technical support.

Promotional and Miscellaneous Associated Students Videos

AS Promotional Videos

The following are a series of promotional videos created to showcase the AS as an organization, to inform the viewer about services, programs, and facilities offered by the AS and to encourage students to become involved. The footage changes from year to year to include the new officers of the Association in the introductory remarks of each video. It is interesting to observe the growth of campus life from year to year. In 2002, the video is remade, with an updated, more professional format, and a new musical score.

1. AS-Here For You, 1987

This video shows promotional material for Associated Students.

2. AS-Here For You, 1990-1991

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

3. AS-Here For You, 1994-1995

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

4. AS-Here For You, 1995-1996

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

5. AS-Here For You, 1997-1998

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

6. AS-Here For You, 1998-1999

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

7. AS-Here For You, 1999-Fall 2000

This video shows promotional footage of Associated Students.

8. AS-Here For You, 2000-2001

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

9. AS-Here For You, 2002

This video shows promotional footage for Associated Students.

AS Miscellaneous Videos

1. A.S. Customer Service Training Video Rough Cut
This video demonstrates proper and improper customer service.

2. CNN MBAC “Paraplegic Waterski”
This video includes a CNN news story about a paraplegic waterski program at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center (MBAC), which offers two paraplegics a new way to enjoy the sport.

3.  Dan Cornthwaite Interview
This video shows Cornthwaite's opinion of Presidents Thomas Day and Stephen Weber's decisions regarding Viejas Arena.

Don Cornthwaite (A.S. Executive Director) responds to questions regarding the competency of SDSU presidents Thomas Day and Stephen Weber in a matter concerning "the Arena" (referring most likely to the Student Activity Center (SAC), which included the Aztec Recreation Center and the Cox Arena). The interview may have been conducted in the midst of a controversy, in which Cornthwaite allegedly kept the A.S. student government unaware of an agreement which was being drafted. If passed,this agreement may have excluded the A.S. from participating in future decisions regarding the SAC.

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