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Abraham Nasatir and Ned JoySelect from the following oral histories and other recordings of prominent SDSU faculty and administrators.

  • John Adams: Professor of English and Chairman of the Humanities, 1928-1968.
  • Allan Anderson on Krishnamurti: Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies Dr. Allan Anderson giving a talk remembering spiritual lecturer J. Krishnamurti (1/14/95).
  • Marybelle Bigelow: Professor Emeritus of Art, 1956-1980.
  • Elizabeth Chater on sci-fi: Professor Emeritus of English Elizabeth Chater giving a talk on science fiction literature (11/12/76).
  • James Crouch : Professor Emeritus of Zoology, 1932-73.
  • John Dirks: Professor of Art, 1947-1976.
  • Sidney Gulick: Professor Emeritus of English, and Dean of Arts & Sciences, 1945-69.
  • Everett Gee Jackson: Professor Emeritus of Art, and former department chair, 1930-69.
  • Louis Kenney: University Librarian Emeritus, 1961-1980.
  • Sig Mickelson: Executive Director, SDSU Center for Communications, and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism, 1979-1981.
  • Chesney Moe: Professor of Physics (1945-1972) discussing his childhood, education, and activities at SDSU. 
  • Abraham Nasatir: Professor Emeritus of History, 1928-1974.
  • Calvert Norland: Professor of Entomology, Zoology, and Botany (1947-1976) discussing his life and international experiences in the U.S. Army.
  • Andrew Olson: Professor Emeritus of Zoology, 1946-1980.
  • Kingsley Povenmire: Professor of Speech and Drama, 1946-1971.
  • Eugene Ray: Professor of Environmental Design, 1969-1996. 
  • Kramer Rohfleisch: Professor of History, 1947-74.
  • Harry Ruja on Steinmetz: Professor of Philosophy Dr. Harry Ruja discussing the Steinmetz case (10/26/1981).
  • George Sanderlin: Professor of English, 1954-1983.
  • George Sorenson: Professor Emeritus of Art, 1946-1976.
  • Harry Steinmetz: Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 1930-1954, dismissed from his teaching position on grounds of insubordination and subversion stemming from allegations of Communist affiliation.
  • Alvena Storm: Professor Emerita of Geography, 1926-1966, and the first woman to have a building on the SDSU campus named after her.
  • Donald Walker: Acting University President, 1971-1972, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, 1968-1971.
  • Aubrey Wendling: Professor of Sociology and Department Chair, 1962-82, and Director of the SDSU Social Science Research Center.
  • Ernest Wolf on the Amelang Collection: Professor Emeritus of German Dr. Ernest Wolf discussing the Amelang Collection, an impressive collection of rare books acquired in 1976 by the SDSU Library which included many 16th, 17th, and 18th century imprints from Germany (12/2/77).

Image credit: Abraham Nasatir and Ned Joy, circa 1960. University Archives Photograph Collection, Special Collections & University Archives.

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