Book Lockers

Our Book Lockers are a convenient, contactless way for users to pickup materials. SDSU students, faculty, and staff can now request SDSU and CSU+ materials in OneSearch for Locker Pickup. Once the items are placed in the locker, the user will receive an email with pickup details and the items can be picked up any day, any time for 7 days. Book Lockers are located between Love Library and the Dome.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

Place a hold on an item in OneSearch and select SDSU Library - Self-Service Lockers (Note: you'll need to be logged into your Library Account)

Once located and processed, you will receive a "Hold Pickup" email notification. Please allow staff at least 2 hours to place the requests in the lockers, upon receiving the email.

Touch the Collection button on the touchscreen and select "Enter Red ID" on the lower left side of the pop-up window. Type in your 9 digit Red ID number to open the door.

You can now take your items out of the locker. If you requested multiple items they will be placed in the fewest number of lockers possible. Be sure to check that you've gathered all your requests. Forgot something? You'll have one hour to open the locker again before it resets and becomes open for other requests.

Library books can be returned in book returns outside the Library and in the drive-up on Hardy Ave and Campanile.  (Note: equipment should always be returned by appointment with [email protected]).